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Object Permanence Box


Classic wooden Object Permanence Box encourages children to pick up the ball and place them in the hole from any position. Their sense of order will keep them returning to sit in front of the material. Through focused repetition, children will learn about objects that exist even when not seen.  

Montessori Activities: Eye-Hand Coordination- Posting
Recommended Age: up 8-12 months. When the children can sit up without assistance.
Development skills: Understand object permanence, Eye-Hand coordination, fine motor skills through the whole-hand grasp
Sensitive Period: Movement Acquisition(Fine motor), Sensorial exploration
Material: Wood
Specification: 25cm x 12cm x 8.5cm

Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget believed that the development of object permanence, or the ability to understand that objects exist even when not seen, is one of an infant’s primary developmental accomplishments. Infants learn about their world through their senses – vision, touch, taste, sound, and movement. 

Presentation of the Montessori Object Permanence Box

1. Put the work mat in place and put the object permanence box on the work mat so it will be in front of the child. Encourage the child to help.
2. Sit facing the child with the work mat between you.
3. Name the box and the ball: “This is the box. This is the ball.”
4. Slowly and deliberately place the ball in the hole.
5. When the ball rolls to a stop in the tray and pick it up.
6. Repeat the action.
7. Invite the child to place the ball in the hole.
8. Once the child begins putting the ball in the hole, quietly move aside and allow her to work undisturbed.
9. When finished, invite the child to put the materials away on a low shelf so she may work with them again when she wishes.

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Object Permanence Box