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Octahedron Mobile


Octahedron’s three-dimensional mobile is the second visual mobile to introduce to the babies after the Munari mobile. By two months old, children's visual development begins to notice red, orange, green and yellow, and by the third month, they will recognize blue. Hence, Octahedron Mobile is a highly suitable material for a baby in this period of time. It consists of the red, yellow and blue three primary colors of glossy paper folded into a hexagonal diamond-shaped composition, and hung on a thin stick with silk thread. Children at this time are easily attracted to this colorful and shiny Mobile and focused on observation

Material and Safty: non-toxic, BPA-free

How to use: Hang it 30-35cm above the baby's chest, at an oblique angle of 45° to the eyes.

Reason: In the first two months of life, babies' periphery is more mature than the central concave, so they see things clearer at the edge than the objects directly in front of them. 

  1. The baby can perceive geometric shapes and colors with full concentration
  2. Baby exercises focus and follows the slow movement of the Mobile, and exercises eye gaze and tracking ability
  3. Baby develops color vision and stereo vision
  4. Baby actively interacts with the environment through the charm without adult assistance


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    Octahedron Mobile