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Development of babies between 6 to 9 months

Remember that each Child is different, the age we used is just an indication of a rough age range.

Between 6 and 9 months developmental stage, the myelination process is currently occurring at this stage in the lower trunk, thighs, and lower leg. It has also moved to the fingers. Parents can help our babies develop by allowing them to spend time on the floor and move freely.


During this stage, our babies begin to slither and gradually transition to crawling. As they have advanced gross motor abilities, they are able to explore a wider area, become more efficient in their movement, and cover longer distances. We may sometimes leave our babies in one end of the room and find them in another. It is usually around this stage that a baby can sit with support, and it will be tempting to prop the baby up to sit. We advise waiting until the baby is comfortable sitting on its own.

Gross motor developemnt between 6 to 9 months

Fine-motor skills

Once the baby starts sitting, their hands become free to use for exploration.

baby on the playmat

Baby's hand movements become more precise between the 6th and 9th month. They will begin to transfer objects from one hand to the other and use both hands at once. At 7 months, our baby begins to use their palm and thumb, and wrist flexion is possible. As our baby approaches a material, he or she may grasp it, move it from one hand to the other, and otherwise explore it with their hands and mouths. In time, you'll see the baby's thumb almost side by side with their fingers when they pick up something rather than facing the forefinger. We Montessori Teachers offer our babies rattles and other objects that have thinner circumferences, taking into consideration the developmental characteristics of the phase.

Explore the montessori material our teachers have create for babies in this stage, click the link here. 


1.The Montessori Baby: A Parent's Guide to Nurturing Your Baby by Junnifa Uzodike and Simone Davies

2.The Absorbent Mind Book by Maria Montessori

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