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Here is why I started writing my book summaries…

Having a 1-year-old daughter who is about turn 2 in a month, I am experiencing the phase what people talked about ‘the terrible 2’. My day typically starts chasing Lili around the house and try to put clothes on her, while rushing to make breakfast at the same time. My eyes are on the clock, wondering in silent desperation ‘am I going to make it to the 8am morning meeting’? Luckily, my husband is usually the one who brings Lili to the nursery.

In the afternoon, after wrapping up my last meeting of the day, I go to pick up Lili from the nursery. She is always happy to see me, and she ran towards me with a big smile on her face and shouted, ‘my mama’! But then a few seconds later, she will burst into tears because I did not come with a prem, but a bike with trailer…

That is the bitte-sweet daily of having a toddler and sometimes  it is really hard. There are countless sweet moments. But I still wonder:  What to do when my crying toddler daughter does not want to get into the car seat and throws a tantrum? What to do when she says no to brushing teeth? How exactly to,  when my daughter is in the middle of a meltdown, keep my posture, control my emotions, tone of voice, be patient and handle their emotions with love and acceptance… Let alone to say we women set ourselves up to such high standards.

In the search for some help and good advice, on how to better handle these situations and genuinely want to improve myself as a mum and a human being, I turn to books. There are million of mothers out there who have experienced what I am living, so there must be some wisdom accumulated out there. I want make a summary of what I read, together with my own thoughts and real life experiences, and share them with you.

With love xx

Böblingen 05.06.2021